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Thanks ABB

Last day (14th May 2010) in ABB, it was a strange feeling where I was not attached with anything at all, though I knew might be I m not going to meet or see anyone of my fellow colleague again. I felt extraordinary for kind of farewell I got my team mates. It was awesome [...]

Life is all about moving ahead without any doubt on decision you made. Wanted to come back to my native place from Bangalore though I knew it was extreme hot conditions out here in north. A first thing was in my mind how to deal with heat, I am not used to of it at [...]

It’s a high time for me to take some action to take my communication skills to the next level. I used to think a lot but never came out from my laziness and procrastination and it was difficult to break that pattern. When i saw small kids speaking fluently with their parents and friends only [...]

Most of you knew i have completed “Curriculum of living” from Landmark Education. It was good experience but when I took as coach in one of Landmark Education program, I saw myself a different person all together. I got present what are my stops in life, why I gave up the things or dreams what [...]

These days if you come across anyone they want to contribute to the society in one and other way but end up in doing NOTHING, these are common things which stops us, do not have time, lots of work in office and thousands of genuine reasons. All are acceptable but at what cost, at the [...]


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