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Last night I attended a business conference where I met a gentle man who has 30 yrs of huge experience in business. He gave lots of examples what are activities required while repositioning a company? Why companies are not growing though they have powerful Mission and Vision statements? These powerful Mission and [...]

I want to start my own, I have good ideas, I want to do business but only thing I don’t have enough money to execute it. Are above statements are familiar to you? I am sure everyone around you is making these types statements and sometimes you are also using them too. Let me [...]

Today’s scenario people realized that one source of income is not enough to survive in current economic turmoil. I was thinking I am different that I started my business but I am surprised when I came to know people around me do fantastic things to earn more money. Like a college mate of mine started [...]

My Journey being an ENTREPRENEUR

I am in constant battle with myself why I am not able to generate result what i am projecting for my business. After digging deep within I realized I am not doing the things the way I suppose to do and execute. I am still doing business with JOB mindset. I almost forgot why I [...]

I was talking to a guy couple of days back, he told me he has lot of good ideas and wanted to be an entrepreneur. I asked him what is stopping you to become an entrepreneur. He answered that first he wanted to secure his parents, took LIC and other insurance plans so [...]

Let me start with what is e-commerce? Any transaction happening over internet is e-commerce whether one is booking flight tickets or buying books from any portal. India e-commerce market crossed Rs 45000 Cr last year. Big players like amazon are coming to INDIA.There are lot advantages of buying stuffs from online portals:
First, these days [...]

My journey as a business person started around 2 years back. I wanted to do something my own for a long time but never took a step forward to find what I could start. One fine day a friend of mine asked me to read a book name “Rich Dad and Poor Dad by Robert [...]


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