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September is awesome. Lot of new things happened. I enjoyed my second international trip. Most important it was self sponsored. I am out of corporate world, now no more Monday morning struggles. I am waking up when I want to. I am working on what I want to, not on something I have to. [...]

When I looked back in my life I observed or noticed I am not where in life where I wanted to be. I encountered lot of failure in life. When I was in school I wanted to become a good cricketer, wanted to play for Indian team, it did not happen. When I went [...]

Last weekend was fantastic and mind blowing in many ways, Saturday met an extraordinary business lady who is just 24 years old but if you talk to her she can beat anyone with her knowledge about business. She got the business education from her father with very strong work ethics; he is a successful business [...]

These days I used to preach “Work you plan, Plan your work” but guess what last weekend I was part of most unplanned tour ever. We started from Delhi by 9 PM, before 2 hours we did not even know how to go? Unfortunately we arranged a taxi. Taxi was in awesome conditions no music [...]

Our New Home

It is been almost 25 yrs we stayed in rented house. Sometimes we lived in newly constructed house where conditions are good but it was not our own that feeling was there always. In some cases house conditions are so bad that I never invited my friends whole heartedly. I always preferred to meet them [...]

Get it off

Things are not going the way I am expecting or the way I want. Every thing is messed up; Everyday is passing, it seems like I am seeing it helplessly. I want things in my way but my procrastination skills and laziness genes become so powerful that I am feeling like that I can’t do [...]

Friend’s Marriage

Most of my friends and colleague got married in last couple of years. I attended their marriages and enjoyed like anything. After marriage I saw lot of changes in their day to day life, like do not have time for outings, became more busy, keep informing their partners when they are coming back to home [...]

Thanks ABB

Last day (14th May 2010) in ABB, it was a strange feeling where I was not attached with anything at all, though I knew might be I m not going to meet or see anyone of my fellow colleague again. I felt extraordinary for kind of farewell I got my team mates. It was awesome [...]

Life is all about moving ahead without any doubt on decision you made. Wanted to come back to my native place from Bangalore though I knew it was extreme hot conditions out here in north. A first thing was in my mind how to deal with heat, I am not used to of it at [...]

It’s a high time for me to take some action to take my communication skills to the next level. I used to think a lot but never came out from my laziness and procrastination and it was difficult to break that pattern. When i saw small kids speaking fluently with their parents and friends only [...]

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