My journey as a business person started around 2 years back. I wanted to do something my own for a long time but never took a step forward to find what I could start. One fine day a friend of mine asked me to read a book name “Rich Dad and Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki”. It really opened my mind and started looking for new things. After a couple of months I read another book from the same author “Cash Flow Quadrant”. I didn’t get all, what I am writing right now in very first go but It made me think in that direction. It explains why 97 % percent people accumulate 4% of world wealth and on other rest 3% people only accumulates 96% of world wealth. It’s all mindset how business man is looking at the things. 9 out10 richest people on this planet did not complete their graduation but all of them had one common thing they all are visionaries. Their vision was so strong that nothing could stop them achieving what they wanted. My favorite Business man “Dhiru Bhai Ambani” did not know how to create petrol from crude oil, but he found people who could do that for him. He dared to dream big and took consistent action to fulfill his dreams. Business men create or buy systems which can run by themselves and generates wealth if owner is around or not. I heard this word “Leverage” very often from my managers. Its actual meaning I understood now. Let me take an analogy to explain its power, suppose there is an Organization A where 10,000 people work including you. You are getting paid for max 10 hours /day but owner of the company works more than 100,000 hours/day. He is getting paid for 100,000 hours/day hours and you are getting paid for 10 hours/day. No doubt he is filthy rich and just calculates if you work for next 40 years also in most of cases one can’t work more than 100,000 hours in a life time. I made a choice a long time back. I am enjoying my journey and there is long way to go. I am sharing this with an intension, May be I can inspire someone …….

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